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Canary audio CD100 lettore cd a valvole

con imballo originale e telecomando

senza nessun segno di rilievo

monta 2 Mullard NOS

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Canary audio brings the tube love to CD playing with their new CD-100. Based on Sony CD guts, Canary includes Hovland MusiCaps and an epoxy-laden transformer to reduce vibration. Also included is Sony's latest DAC and true balanced XLR outputs.


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..............This seems like a good time to get into the specifications on the CD100. My first comment is as to its large size and heft. It is a very heavy 50 pounds and measures 19' wide by 16.5' deep and 4.75' high. The transport mechanism is heavy duty and built by Sony as is the 24-bit/192kHz converter chip. The stereo output section employs two Russian Electro-Harmonix 6922 EH tubes. You will find high quality parts throughout, like Hovland MusicCaps and custom-wound toroidal transformers that are housed in an epoxy-filled, Teflon-mounted metal can to eliminate vibration. The factory manual specifications are: frequency response +/- 1dB from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz; distortion < 0.005%; S/N ratio > 118dB and dynamic range > 116dB. Channel separation is better than 85dB (1KHz), line output voltage is 2.0 volts and power consumption is 30 watts.



The CD100 has two analog outputs, RCA gold plated and balanced XLR. There are three digital outputs, one RCA coaxial, one optical and one AES/EBU. You can use the power cord of your choice or stick with the stocker.

The aluminum remote control is easy to use and solidly constructed, measuring 6.25" long by 1.5" wide and .75" high. It has eight functions; open or close the CD drawer; one or multi-step back track; one or multi-step forward track; reverse scan; forward scan; stop, play and repeat for single track and repeat all. The remote works effectively from 20 feet away and functions well on off angles. The factory warranty covers the CD100 for three years, except for the transport mechanism and the laser head, which are covered for one year. There is an eight-page factory manual that outlines all of the operations and specifications, plus the details of the warranty for the CD100. The manual is simple and easy to read and includes the factory warranty card.

The front of the CD100 has a 1.5" high by 5" long LED window that displays track information, repeat and repeat all and no disc. The letters or numbers are large enough to read from well over 15 feet away. The front of the CD100 has a power off/on button and buttons for the following; CD tray open and close, stop playback, initiate playback, pause and resume, advance track and reverse track. The repeat and repeat all function can only be input from the remote control and direct track access controls as well as time remain modes are missing on both player and remote.


Open up the CD100 and you will find superb quality soldering with detailed wiring that is purposefully short and orderly arranged to all of the components. The chassis and all related components are meticulously assembled. Canarys are hand built and manufactured in California.



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