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Marantz SACD player SA8400 usato

black, senza nessun segno,
completo di imballo, telecomando e tutti gli accessori originali

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Super audio CD player
The SA8400 is a high-fidelity disc spinner specifically designed for playback of stereo Super Audio CD?s and regular CD?s. For playback that captures musical nuance and reproduces wide sound stage with no extra or missing information, we applied experience-extensive expertise in making faster, low-noise and lower impedance circuits with high quality parts. The SA8400 expresses the Marantz dedication to the purest reproduction of musical emotion!

manuale originale

impressioni di un felice possessore
The Marantz SA8400 is a very good SACD player in its price range. When playback SACD disc, this player has a smooth, natural and realistic sound. You will find it sounds less digital but more like analog. e.g. When playback Jazz music, the saxophone sometimes sounded harsh on the CD layer, but if you play the SACD layer, the saxophone will sound more natural and smooth, not harsh at all. When listen to CD, I will get tired after a couple hours. But when I listen to SACD, this player will make you relax and enjoy the music. For SACD playback, I am also totally satisfied with its smoothness, texture, details, and imaging. However the CD playback performance is not as good.
There is a more detailed review of the SA8400 by Home Cinema Choice.The SA8400 is also rated best buy #2 in its class in the Japan's Stereo Sound Magazine (issue 149).
At the back, there is a switch to choose to use standard or custome filter. Set the switch to standard will set the cut off at 20kHz. Set it to custom allow the frequency cut off at 50kHz. After listening comparision, the custome setting sounds smoother and more air.
On the main board you can clearly see each section is labeled. (Audio Supply, Digital Supply, DAC, LPF, HDAM, Current Amp, etc). Some components are shielded by copper box to block interference. The DAC chip is CS4397, located at the back of the main PCB. A lot of ELNA high grade audio capacitors are used.



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